måndag 18 juli 2011


Last night I went with good mate Simon Mellergårdh (Amalthea, Tigers of the Temple) to record the vocals for the first ever PAINTED WOLVES song. It's a song called "Multi-Tasking Tounges". It will soon be up on bandcamp.

Simon is also working on some stuff for a short movie. Sounds really, really good so far.

måndag 11 juli 2011

Cassettes ordered.

At some point next week me (AKES RETS) and Tobias Ekberg (HÄRSKEN and also one half of the band RITE) will go in to the studio for some recording sessions. This collaboration will be released on a C40 cassette limited to 37 copies. Hopefully the cassette will be finished before the tour that I'm doing with MAG in Sweden, Poland and Germany. The tour will take place from July 28th and we will play the last show in Malmö on the 9th of August.

On the RITE bandcamp site you can listen and also download the two songs from there upcoming 7".


Tonight REPOMAN will rise once again from shallow graves. For this time only in the practicing room but we will be working on new songs that we will hopefully both record and perform live. 

PAINTED WOLVES which is a new band I'm in are recording three songs for a demo. The other three guys in the band Mathias Albinsson (bass), Linus Ahlbäck (guitar) and Mattias Rasmusson (drums) have already done their job now it's up to me to finish off the recording with some lyrics. Will be recorded this week.
Mattias Rasmusson is currently out touring Europe with his mates in ANCHOR. Check them out live if you get the chance. Awesome live band. You should also check out the band of Mathias Albinsson and his norwegian buddys in DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS, they will be playing Europe this month and also in August.

onsdag 3 november 2010

Welcome to the home of AKES RETS.

I'm creating a new blog where I will put up stuff about my different music projects, photos etc.